Authority Limit

Dictionary of automotive terms. 2015.

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  • Authority Limit Switch — See lean Authority Limit Switch …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Lean Authority Limit Switch — A device developed by GM to monitor heated carburetor inlet air through an air cleaner tvs and to prevent the control unit from providing the carburetor with too lean a mixture, for better performance when starting from cold …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • limit — The performance limit of a car s chassis, tires, etc.; typically experienced during sharp cornering at high speeds. Also see authority Limit cornering limit fatigue limit knock limit lean Authority Limit Switch particulate emission limit self… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Limit Switch — also See authority Limit Switch lean Authority Limit Switch …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • authority — See Lean Authority Limit Switch …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • limit# — limit n Limit, bound, confine, end, term are comparable when they mean an actual or imaginary line beyond which a thing does not or cannot extend. Limit is the most inclusive of these terms because it carries no necessary implication of number,… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • Authority — In politics, authority (Latin auctoritas , used in Roman law as opposed to potestas and imperium ) is often used interchangeably with the term power . However, their meanings differ: while power refers to the ability to achieve certain ends,… …   Wikipedia

  • limit — 1. verb To abridge, confine, restrain, and restrict. To mark out; to define; to fix the extent of. Thus, to limit an estate means to mark out or to define the period of its duration, and the words employed in deeds for this purpose are thence… …   Black's law dictionary

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